working hard in the kitchen

M is for mince and veg partner pie

M is for mince and veg partner pie

We have worked hard today to get ready for our trip to Llangynidr farmers market tomorrow. The kitchen is full of the smells of beef, lamb, chicken and all the herbs and spices we use to flavour them. The labour bit is done and now it’s just rounds of cooking.

The new food mixer worked well reassuring us we made the right choice and poor T-W-O has worked very hard today. He did all my prep work for me: meat and veg. He has lifted, moved, opened things for me as well as making, rolling and cutting all the pastry.

Another addition to the kitchen has been an alphabet of cutters so the pasty types are now identified with a letter; L = lamb, B = beef and so on. We are pleased with the results. I also have two differen sized heart shaped cutters ready for valentines day when we are at Brecon market so we will have a day with everything covered in hearts.

To overcome the wrist problem I have been using my left hand which has now made me back aches on my left side. I don’t think a little flour will hurt my cast but I have been very careful to keep it away from the food and water. I am amazed at how adaptable we are to situations – there are still some things that defeat me such as eating fish with bones on, chasing salad around the plate and I haven’t tried cutting meat.

Luckily for us since my little slip up we have eaten out twice with last night at E & Ps house. They did a very nice pasta dish and salad, healthy too. Followed by a slightly less healthy pudding,  but you do have to have a balanced diet.


2 thoughts on “working hard in the kitchen

  1. Glad you have found fairly comfortable ways around the hurt hand – best wishes for it. The pie looks delicious … and I was just thinking of the potato-leek soup again. I’ve made the Julia Child recipe several times. It’s a favorite. Be well and have fun at market!

  2. Hi City mouse
    We had a good market – lunch time is good for selling pasties.

    I am going to do some veggie soup this week I think.
    Thanks for the good wishes

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