Left handed typing

I am now practising left handed typingafter slipping on the ice yesterday while out walking the dogs. I managed to do something to my hand and the docs stuck it in plaster yesterday evening. I have never had a cast on before and have discovered it makes everything take twice as long.

I am still working at my PC but it’s very frustrating as not all the correct keys get pressed all the time and I cannot use a mouse. The hospital took the usual age to get to the front of the queue but once seen were really helpful. The plaster is a natty purple as you get a choice of colour these days with a rigid cast. I am not able to drive and am finding things like doing up buttons almost impossible. My next exploit is to get the fire alight so I should cover your ears as there may be choice words from this neck of the woods. I should have asked T-W-O to do it but he was rushing round this morning working hard.


2 thoughts on “Left handed typing

  1. I’m so sorry to read your bad news. It’s terrible how something can happen so quickly and cause you so many problems afterwards. Did they say how long the plaster would have to stay on?
    Wendy (Wales)

  2. Hi Wendy
    I go back on 3rd Feb when they do another xray and we what happens then
    I think I was really lucky it could have been worse.

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