a hearty beef pie for supper

I am currently working on a beef and ale pie in a heart shape for the valentines day market we are attending at Brecon. I am also attempting puff pastry for the first time since starting Glanbrydan.

Today we went into Llandeilo where we have an excellent cook shop called Peppercorns, to find a heart shaped dish. We were faced with a cake tin or a flan dish so  a flan dish with a push out bottom (rather similar to my own). Tonight I have hidden myself away in the kitchen to cook up a beef, carrot, mushroom and ale filling then put together what should be a puff pastry.

We will see how the experiment goes but T-W-O has approved the filling so far and the pastry is now resting in the freezer for 20 minutes, not quite the thorough overnight cooling required but we cannot wait for our tea until tomorrow morning. My dealings with puff pastry have had a chequered past, disaster and semi success. I have looked at many recipes on the net and in my cookbooks finally deciding to go with St. Delia.

I will inform you of the results tomorrow.

We are still trying to fix the camera/computer problem so if it turns out well I will be most upset if we cannot post a picture!


2 thoughts on “a hearty beef pie for supper

  1. In the Mail on Sunday supplement is a section on pasties including making rough puff pastry. I will bring it over when I next visit. The recipes are by Lindsey Bareham and she has published a book called Pasties which may be of interest. However, with all of your recipes I reckon you should consider doing something about your Welsh Farmers Markets and the fantastic pasties, pies and tarts you make.

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