We’ve been away

We both had to go London way yesterday on quite separate errands and spent last night in a motel sort of place with a pub next door. It was nice not to have to get up at 4.00am to leave home but it did mean putting the dogs in the kennels and all that goes with the animals had to be sorted out.

The cats just got an extra big helping of a meal (as they were  to miss breakfast) and Tattycat thought it may have been her birthday. She sorted her way through the dried food finding the chopped chicken I had tried to hide underneath. Smudger may never have seen any of the fresh food and if Tattycat finished it all I’m sure she would have had a nap in a quiet corner to sleep it off.

Making our way to the pub this evening as we hadn’t sorted out or given any thought to eating something and didn’t fancy fish and chips we were surprised to find friends of ours there waiting for a table. .It’s amazing how a bit of company and chat wakes you up; poor things probably wanted a quiet meal (they look knackered having been up to all sorts of hard work).

Now we are back home having a quiet sit down for a few minutes before going to bed.


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