My goodness – time to plant things again

I have been planning the move of my garden to make way for the extension and new parking area. I am taking a portion of the field behind us and putting a gate from the garden for easy access. I have a vision of an orchard for my apple, plum and pear trees with a wild flower meadow growing underneath. There will be 2 paths meandering through the meadow with a couple of decorative seating areas as you go. One path will lead to the yet to be dug pond, where our ducks and chickens will enjoy a new home fenced in from beasties but with a swing bridge to allow day time escape while the other path will lead to my new kitchen garden.

The kitchen garden will have new raised beds, a fruit cage and a poly tunnel (when money allows). I have been imagining this as our arcitect (son-in-law) imagines how the house will look when it’s finished. I am as excited about this project as I am about our extension.

Now the time is over for planning and somehow my dream needs turning into reality. My first jobs will be to organise a digger for the pond and order the raised beds. The weather has been against us though and the ground has gone from hard as rock to mushy wet clay. However the seasons wait for no-one and there are seeds that need to be planted in the greenhouse this month.

I intend to start with aubergines as I understand they need to be planted now and then at the end of the month move onto peppers, broad beans and peas in modules. I may put some more onions and garlics in old tyre casings in the field roughly where I want my veg beds to go.

Another issue is the fruit trees. They need good soil and flower meadows need poor soil. A puzzle to be solved. Once it all starts to come together I would like to put a bee hive at the far end of all this, away from the seating but close enough to the veg for the bees to work their magic. I hope they will have a nice life pollinating my fruit and veg and in return provide us with pots of honey.

Lastly when we have the areas separated my dream is to put a couple of pigs in the rest of the field held in smaller areas with a temporary fence I understand they are great for rooting the ground over – which it needs and then they would give us meat for the freezer.


2 thoughts on “My goodness – time to plant things again

  1. Whoa. Wait. You’re planting stuff now? you are the early bird! We have to build a new greenhouse this year–the one we did last year is not in a good place for sunlight and didn’t do well. But we do so-simple pole-and plastic. One day I dream of a real greenhouse…

  2. Hi Granny Sue.

    I have the greenhouse as it came with house. I dream of a poly tunnel.

    Rgds Sam
    ps it didn’t go as planned though and the seeds are in the bag all ready to go!! I intend to plant every week and see what happens to the early plantings.

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