On the wagon

picture-087Here in the cottage we enjoy a glass or two of red wine and over the Christmas period we have enjoyed a glass or two more than we should have. With company through until Sunday we had every excuse to open a bottle, having managed to open lots of bottles and enjoyed every one of them our livers and our bank account deserve a rest.

Tonight was a hot chocy night but the high cocoa content of the chocolate somehow made our special treat a bit bitter. Also not heating the milk enough made it bitty. Not my best effort and such a shame.

In true British fashion I must complain about the weather, the amount of water falling from the sky is amazing. It feels as if the sky has been saving for one big delivery and the valley has been flooded in the deluge.

The day job has been encroaching on the evening, merging it’s way into dinner time. I like to switch off, forget the work pc and get on with a bit of living even if it’s just watching TV for a couple of hours. T-W-O prepared a very nice meal for us; cold chicken veggies and mashed potato as I worked away.

 I fear I may be coming down with the lurgy as well. For about a week now I have been feeling a bit less than good. It seems to come and go; with achy body, saw throat, tiredness, a headache. Hopefully I won’t succumb to the full blown version that’s all around me. People I know have been dropping like flies with the bug.

Still no joy from Cannon so the camera remains in it’s case and having ordered our heating oil before Christmas no sign of that either. The oil is getting desperate despite calls to the office of our supplier to remind them we are running out they have managed to somehow ignore us. If you’ve ever watched the musical Chicago you will understand we our feeling like Mr Cellophane.

Gosh I feel sorry for myself today!!


3 thoughts on “On the wagon

  1. Okay, but the bird on the lamp? Is he somehow connected to the red wine? Like he just showed up one night after 4 or 5 bottles and stayed?

    I hope the crud doesn’t get you too badly. We’re fighting similar nasties on this side of the pond. A nice snowfall would make it seem worthwhile, but like you we’re getting rain and more rain, and very little snow. Bummer.

  2. I was wondering about the parrot too.

    Finally, I got round to accepting your award. It was difficult – hope you understand why.

    Also hope you get over that flu bug asap. Thanks again, Sally

  3. Ref to the bird
    I felt I was squawking on like an old bird!

    Hi Granny Sue
    I’m trying to ignore the bug today – it’s working to a point. Guess what? the sun came out today!!

    Hi Sally
    Glad you got the award and all sorted ok.


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