catching up


I am sorry to have neglected the blog over Christmas. It was a time filled with familyand now (today) we have returned to a bit of normality for a few weeks. The day has consisted of tidying and sorting out bedding, towels, the house and ourselves. We still don’t have a camera we can download from which is annoying  and so far Cannon have been less than helpful. Answering our query as if we had asked a completely different question.

I have found many times that emails where you have requested help from a large organisation are often answered in a strange and unrelated way. We found this when wanting help from BT and again with IT support . It’s as if they have a set list of top 10 problem solvers they need to work through before taking note of your question. IT support always ask you to switch your PC off and then log back on as if you haven’t tried that (lots) before contacting them.

The cold snap seems to be over and today we have had rain for the first time in weeks, the sky is closing in around us with gloom leaving us no opportunity for spotting the full moon tonight. I confess that over Christmas I was tracking the moon phase and when it disappeared for a few days I was puzzled. I have managed to get through all these years of life without realising that the moon does disappear for several days each month.  We have low levels of light pollution here so the stars are magnificent when the cloud moves out the way.

I know nothing about astronomy, I  can spot the sauce pan (Ursa Major – I just looked it up) or Orion’s belt. I have also spotted an unmoving bright light towards the West which we think this must be the space station. It’s the brightest thing in the sky at the moment. When I finally remembered to take the binoculars out it was cloudy so I am none the wiser. I will now wait for the next clear night.


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