Pirates of the West Coast (nearly if you go west a bit more) of Wales and the Princess T-W-O

On new years eve we will be going to a pirates and princess party at Craig and Louise’s. Up to now we haven’t really considered costumes and finery, imagining we could adorn ourselves as pirates from the local charity shops. Yes, I know they don’t keep 18th century jerkins and cutlasses on the hangers just waiting for us but somehow I thought we’d get something we could cut up and alter.

T-W-O is sorted out (sort of). He has my long red silk layered skirt which doesn’t quite do up around his waist and a corset style top in a similar red which just might lace a little down the back. In addition to some boobs to fill out the corset he could do with a tiara and a shawl but I think as long as he takes something else to wear should he start to get cold then he’ll be ok, but he should also wear shorts to protect his modesty from the wanton female pirates lusting after his seductive feminine form! Footware will be a problem for him however to which there is no obvious solution.

Mum and I tried on quite a few blouses and jackets trying to imagine them with sleeves cut off, black trousers and knee length boots. So far we look more like a cross between Abba babes and a couple of hippies.

The day has been saved by purchasing a couple of black eye patches from the chemist but I am still swordless!  I do however have a very nice scarf and a little skirt for my daughter……… but that won’t help us with the pirate look. I know I should have gone and got some material and made something weeks ago – they invited us back at the beginning of November but my excuse is there was too much work.

Oh well we have tomorrow still and the T-W-O has found a theatrical costumieres in Carmarthen so off to there we will go although sense tells me to try Argos etc first………………….


2 thoughts on “Pirates of the West Coast (nearly if you go west a bit more) of Wales and the Princess T-W-O

  1. Oh! If only we were closer! I have three or four gorgeous pirate costumes in the closet that were made for a production of Peter Pan. And real swords! You’ll come up with something wonderful though. Have loads of fun!

  2. Oh Oh. Yes that would have been great. Never mind we will try Carmarthen shops next. It’s a great way to shop for fun and not spend to much as well as recycling!! I’ve justified another trip to the charity shops.

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