Virus alert

sunset on Antgua

sunset on Antigua - they have clouds too?

We have one of those things on our pc – virus alert – security warning. Millions of virus threats so come buy our software to get rid of it. How like blackmail it feels. Pay us to remove something we invaded your pc with. It also blocks navigation to web pages as unauthorised!

We will try and google for a fix to get it sorted. It may be a coincidence but it arrived as as I downloaded the BBC iplayer, could it have hopped ride into the workings of our programs to sit there and annoy us, appearing when you have just typed up an email to send or when you’ve just finished a blog and are publishing.

I often consider what sort of person spends time producing this software, then spending their time trying to catch you out to make you buy a resolution to your problem. They seem to be clever enough to understand your pc and if so surely they could have a good living doing something positive with their talent.

Tomorrow we start baking for the two farmers markets. We are adding a pork and chicken grand pie with a layer of cranberries in the middle especially for Christmas which we will sell in slices if it all turns out ok. We have been considering moving the pasties to pies as many people seem confused by the idea of gourmet pasties but happy when we explain they are really like pie fillings. I now have some tin foil cases so I might try a few mince beef and veg pies.

I am behind with making the Christmas puds and will have to work hard to catch up. I wonder how the markets will be this weekend -will shoppers go to the cities or stay local.


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