A cold day in the country


Britain seems to be in the grip of a cold spell. The TV very helpfully told me that it hasn’t been this cold for 30 years which reminded me that when I was young we did have frosts at this time of year and in summer dresses usually had a cardi over the top. I remember, remember the  5th of November fireworks were watched by a group of freezing cold children, the cold seeming to arrive knowing we would be stamping our feet and wearing our gloves for the first time of the year.

T-W-O went on an un autherised spending spree today picking up a new workmate for about £12 in one of the hundreds of pre Christmas sales we are experiencing and is currently unpacking the box of bits. His old workmake disintegarted and although he cannot be trusted with a saw we do need kindling.

We sat in waitrose on Friday enjoying a sausage sandwhich from their cafe for lunch on our long trip home having given up on the M4 and taken the country route back from London and all we could hear around us were people discussing the sales, as we read a paper (a benefit of eating there) we too could see the plethera of adverts from many well known stores  ‘Sale -sale -sale!

Having yet to complete our Christmas shopping we may benefit from some of these offers but for now at least we can make kindling.


3 thoughts on “A cold day in the country

  1. Looks like you’ve got some good films to watch when the holidays come … none of the Waitroses round here have a cafe – I should think it would be worth visiting … which branch was that? In case I’m passing

    I don’t know why my other half didn’t just buy a 12£ workmate for chopping kindling – a couple of weeks ago he made a VERY elaborate table for chopping kindling, v strong, and with a hole so that you can push it straight into a dustbin underneath. There’s also a lid, so the hole isn’t there when you’re in chopping mode. I’m sure it was more than £12, and it certainly wasn’t authorised 😉

    (On the other hand, he does now chop ALL the kindling …)


  2. Hi Sam & Wilf,
    Really love your Snowman, I bet he looks forward to coming out each year. A really nice Christmas picture, also the one of your Tree yesterday. Is that mistletoe in the doorway? (lots of kisses in store for T-W-O for chopping the kindling!)
    Wendy (Wales)

  3. Hi Joanna
    It’s at Abergaveny.
    Your other half sounds very clever – making a workbench! I won’t point this out to T-W-O, he may get a complex 🙂

    Hi Wendy
    That is mistletoe in the doorway, I am trying to get some to grow on one of our trees. The eldest daughter got this from her neighbour and we have saved some other berries to rub into tree branches.
    I love Christmas!

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