Tree up


Sunday started slowly with a lay in and then seemed to disappear before we realised. We did get the tree up though and have spent the evening in a room lit by fairly lights and a tea light snowman.

The laptop has left it’s usual little table to make room for the tree, we don’t have a study until we build one and the laptop is after all portable. To prepare our little house for the arrival of the tree we cleared the space and hoovered the floor.

The tree we chose was very bushy and stood under 8 feet tall. We went to a local Christmas tree farm where all they do is grow and sell Christmas trees, the owners are retired and yet they run this place with thousands of Christmas trees (I think tens of thousands).

The tree was wonderful and when T-W-O held it up for me to view I new it was coming home with us. ‘A little large for our house isn’t it?’ T-W-O enquired. I held the tree tightly whilst T-W-O looked at other trees, holding upright specimens of less spread or height until he gave in and we had our tree bagged.

T-W-O worked hard to cut lumps off the base until it finally fitted into the age old stand. Then we had to cut the top of the tree off as it was around twelve inches too high for the ceiling. Then not quite straight we moved the tree around until we had the best shape facing into the room. This was followed by dinner, cleaning up and then tree decorating. I like to decorate the tree on my own then I don’t feel too bad when I move things around a few times.

I have to admit the tree is a little large and we can’t shut the curtains or the door to the living room. T-W-O says I have a problem with Christmas trees and never fit the tree to the room, rather the room to the tree.


2 thoughts on “Tree up

  1. Hi Granny Sue
    The tree certanly brings in the green (lots of it) to our home.

    We’ve been using the star for some years now. It is very well beaved unlike the old fairy who live up there and doesn’t try and climb down

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