been away again

T-W-Os Grandparents (as were) home in Germany. Line drawn by son in law

T-W-Os Grandparents (as were) home in Germany. Line drawn by son in law - Clever boy

We both had a works do in London yesterday and so didn’t come home last night.

London was the same as always; crowded and noisy, full of life. I was fed and watered in China town while T-W-O went off to some other quarter to enjoy an Italian meal. Having the do on the same days means we split the cost of the travel and room between the two companies we work for.

Leaving at 3.00am yesterday we were both tired by late afternoon, the body clocks believing it was bed time. We had an early night and woke up to the noise of traffic, buses and people, something we have forgotten about. Making it home by lunch time I required an hours sleep to prepare myself for an afternoons works followed by an evening in the kitchen.

T-W-O has done his bit tonight (some swearing was heard from his corner of the kitchen) and between us we managed to produce enough pasties for tomorrows market. I have replaced the ricotta tarts with baby quiches so we’ll see how they go. I have also not had time to make pork pies. I keep thinking I’ll make up the meat and cook them in the morning but T-W-O has persuaded me that the bit of pork shoulder we purchased to make them would also make a Sunday lunch – although we have to visit my Dad if he is home from hospital post his Knee operation. If we don’t go tomorrow we are short of pre Christmas time to visit because next weekend we have two markets.

The poor dogs have stayed in the kennels longer than we wanted, having returnedhome we have not had the time to collect them. I do miss them when they are not around but I can see the sense in leaving them put for another day. We are lucky that they love Dianne and Steve who run the kennels.

Bertie dog needs to go back to the vets as everyone who knows anything about doggy illness believe he now has Crohns disease on top of everything else. We will make an appointment for him and he will go tail between legs, muzzle on. His years of illness have left him with a poor opinion of vets in general – he quite rightly believes that a visit there means something nasty for him!


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