The scales are back in order


Having taken the broken kitchen scales back and been given new batteries, the old ones having lasted only a few months in the scales I have been back in business tonight preparing Christmas pudding mixtures. They will now sit over night and I will cook them tomorrow using the pressure cooker.

T-W-O has been cooking lots of dried liver dog treats and tomorrow I will start to prepare the pasty mixture for Saturdays market. There is loads of vegetable preparation to be completed as we are not around on Thursday evening when I would normally prepare the cooked meats so we need to do as much work in advance as possible.

I wanted to introduce large family pies for the farmers market at Brecon on Saturday but it seems I won’t have the preparation time available for a first time run so it will have to wait a week. It hardly seems like Christmas this year but we are looking forward to a week with feet up with no work to speak of and few glasses of the red stuff.

Sunday was to be spent buying and decorating the tree but my Dad has had an operation recently and I want to visit him so the tree may be a mid week purchase and an evening spent debating over which decoration should be placed where. When I was a child Christmas seemed to be here and gone, as an adult it seems to go on for much longer normally. This year at least Christmas may be making just a fleeting visit, the build up so much shorter than usual.

It’s odd but like the recent recession that is affecting us all so much I feel Christmas is so much a man made event. It seems I have come to realise that any event is partly what we make of it. I know as individuals or families we cannot make a dent of the recession but at least we can appreciate Christmas.


3 thoughts on “The scales are back in order

  1. Wonderful thoughts and sentiments. I think that during the holiday season, it is easy to forget that gift giving should be a pleasure, something you do because you want to show appreciation for someone else. And as you say, it’s what you make of it.

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