the scales have broken


This evening I set about producing another batch of Christmas puddings, a little late you may say but I have found they are as nice with just a week before being eaten. My new scales have decided to let me down and I am now stuck with half my dry ingredients mixed together and packets all waiting to be emptied.

I am not willing to risk puds made up without the scales as I think the ratio of fruit to dry goods is quite important as the pudding can end up too rich. I will be off to the shops first thing to get my scales sorted out.

In reaction to this unfortunate incident I have flopped down on the sofa and am taking solace in what will be an early night to bed. In preparation I will be gathering the hot microwave thingy that looks like a bottle and heating it up. Tonight the fire doesn’t seem to be keeping the cold from nipping around the edges and I need a blanket to wrap round my shoulders and legs is in order.


2 thoughts on “the scales have broken

  1. When I read your title I thought that someone in your house had broken the bathroom scales!! Thank goodness it is the kitchen scales or you would be distraught (especially with Christmas coming up).
    Really lovely picture and the two previous ones of your cats in the frost/snow were gorgeous.
    Best wishes, Wendy (Wales)

  2. Hi Wendy
    The scales are back with us. It was the batteries which have only lasted a couple of months.
    The snow picture of Smudger cat (black and white) is her in hunting mode and she does look the part.

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