Friday night feeling

img_0006It’s Friday night and that means no day job for 2 days. It’s the day job’ pays the bills,  but I realise as time goes by that the ‘day job’ isn’t all it’s blamed for. We have to pay the bills somehow and it actually seems not a bad way to do so but then I consider the option of working for myself full time and that is worth working for.

So looking into the future, which none of us is able to do, I would love to be my own boss. What does that mean though? I think if you haveto make money to live by working ( and we do) then it’s more serious than we realise. I hope though that by making food people want to eat then our little business can weather the political storm around us.

Tonight I’ve been cooking again. This time a few quiches for a family get together organise by middle daughter, Lisa and her husband Iain.  The family shall unite on Sunday lunch time for a Christmas get together and lunch. A new event in the calender of the Winter family. If they are not careful it may fall to them to organise every year!


2 thoughts on “Friday night feeling

  1. I’ve been thinking about working for myself vs. working for someone else lately as well. I actually am totally freelance, no day job as such, but that means I do about five different things. I teach after school, I am an organist at a church, I sell on Amazon, I have an Etsy shop, I go to craft fairs. Hopefully within a year, we’ll be moving to the country place and the animals will take the place of school and the church gig. Oddly, I made quiches also!

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