A lift at the hairdresser


I have no idea if men feel a little bit smarter when they leave the barber but I think most women feel at least a bit better when they come away from the hairdresser. Groomed, sleeky locks fall neatly into place and make me walk a tad taller. That bit of self confidence is an amazing boost when you are feeling a bit spotty or a bit out of the world of fashion or you can see that little spot of something on your blouse from making something in the kitchen earlier.

When we have walked around the streets of Italy or Spain we have seen woman all over delivering that taller walk. Just a little bit proud, a little bit confident, a little bit better dressed and groomed. It seems something that British woman aren’t gifted with, the right to self respect. We perceive ourselves as the for runners of fashion in the UK and I love that idea but somehow those Continental ladies have an old fashioned style and I’m sure it’s as much as how they hold themselves as the clothes on their backs.

You may have guessed I went to the hairdressers this evening and now my golden locks are restored from the root onwards. I guess I must be careful not to slip over if I hold my head up too much in an effort to walk taller and don’t watch what the feet are doing.


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