Our first Christmas card arrived today


My goodenss the 3rd of December and today saw the first festive card arrive on the door mat. All I can say is that I don’t yet have the festive spirit or the will to write cards. It must arrive soon as Christmas will be upon us before we know it but for now I am happy to worry about not having organised my Christmas.

The younger members of the family already have a list for Santa while the rest of us have no idea what we might like until January when it’s all too late.

We have entertained tonight and my goodness we are feeling it. Off up the wooden hill to freezing cold beds! Maybe I’ll heat the hot water bottle thingy that goes in the microwave first.


4 thoughts on “Our first Christmas card arrived today

  1. Up the wooden hill to a freezing cold bedroom for us but we do have the electric blanket thank goodness!
    We had our first Christmas card today – some people are so on top of things. Don’t you start feeling guilty that yours haven’t been started yet, you are too busy already.
    Wendy (Wales)

  2. Electric blanket………..luxury and it may be on our Christmas list.

    Ah if it were just the cards, we need to find all our gifts for the most of the children and the grandchildren by Saturday afternoon.

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