things that annoy me

Fresh pork pies baked tonight

Fresh pork pies baked tonight

OK we’ve done the things that make us happy and things we love so lets do the things that annoy us!

I get annoyed by the drivers who make their way down the windy lane next to our home and imagine that if they beep their horn as they approach a corner they won’t hit anything on the road so they don’t slow down. To start with the noise is annoying and then where do they imagine the people/animals/cars coming the other way are going to go as there is a sharp drop off the road into the ditch.

I get annoyed at CCTV. I imagine that without it we would live in the same society and I worry that it gives the people who venture out after dark the idea that someone is keeping an eye on them. I believe that it’s not used for our good most of the time but used to keep us in order.

Lastly I get very annoyed by our own snobbery. Something I am guilty of myself in believing I am better in some undefinable way than the next person. I find myself imagining the tramp to be unclean and that somehow washing makes me a better person. I think that the way we shop gives me the right to judge the way others shop.

So we are all far from perfect and yet all believe in our own good. All in all a good act is one we do without reward, without expectation and without self gratification. I challenge you to try a good deed without one of these – please don’t kid yourself. Give up that seat on the bus to the plane or the underground to a pregnant lady, speak to your neigbour and pop and see that old family friend once in a while. It will make you feel better and …..less annoyed.


2 thoughts on “things that annoy me

  1. Those pork pie look fabulous! I accept the challenge, and have already been trying to pass some good deeds on – trying to be super nice and kind (especially out in public) at a time when most of us are more pressured.

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