I’m back from the kitchen and the farmers markets

This is a leaflet T-W-O has written for our dried liver dog treats. We display this on the market stall attached to the basket filled with bags of the treats.



Treats your dog will be behaving for

Lickeylicious Liver


As approved by Bertie who when asked whether he liked it was heard to say “I’d bite your hand off for some Lickeylicious Liver”

Best fresh liver washed, sliced and dried for over six hours. Utterly irresistible to dogs and a great aid to training.

Minimum weight 70gms

Friday was a blur, work and cooking, then more cooking. We finished baking in the kitchen about 1.00am, very tired with lots of aching feet and backs between us all, then we had to get back up at 5.15 am the next morning.

At this early and very cold hour we packed everything into 2 cars. T-W-O left for Llandovery using trays instead of baskets and packing the cool boxes with less than we usually take having run out of baking time the night before. He disappeared off into the frosty sunshine ready to do his market solo with pasties and sweet tarts.

I left with my mum about 20 minutes later and we drove down the A40 into frozen fog taking it easy so the pasties arrived safely. In Brecon we found the George Hotel our location for the day and set up our pitch. We were a bit stuck in a corner almost hidden by the marquee next to us and waited for some customers.

After a slow start and a freezing day the pasties, pork pies and dog treats gradually disappeared into peoples bags. We were set up next to a meat and poultry counter which is normally at the other end of the Brecon market hall to us and we enjoyed his company. Another meat stall whom we have had the pleasure of being next to on our first ever market, which is run by a very nice lady called Sue, sat in the marquee in front of us.

The market had set us along a passage way that had a couple of twists in and ended in a coutyard used by the George in the summer as their outside space. This strange arrangement left the visiter thinking they had reached the end of the stalls before they had, with little in the way of signs and advertising our usual market attendees became confused that we weren’t in the market hall and some had to take great trouble to locate the event.

I have promised a man who purchased a pork pie that I will post the recipe as he has commited to his wife that he will cook them himself. Our pork pies have so far been without jelly but I do use only good meat cuts, shoulder of pork. The recipe will be posted this week.

Overall we had a good weekend, the markets were successful for us and as usual we didn’t take enough stock. All the dog treats sold out at Brecon and only a couple came home from Llandovery. The Christmas puddings are moving steadily as we get closer to Christmas and the only disappointment were the ricotta and spring onion tarts.

I have decided we will be adding sausage rolls and a few family pies to our next farmers market as well as the usual suspects while replacing the ricotta tarts with mini quiches. We have about 2 shopping days left in our world before Christmas what with the markets and work. We will be seeing most of the children next weekend along with the grandchildren so we must speak to Santa about wrapping our gifts up nice and early for us.

I intend to spend this evening in front of a TV with my feet up!


2 thoughts on “I’m back from the kitchen and the farmers markets

  1. Hi Sam & Wilf,
    Exhausting just reading about it all! So pleased that you all did well, sounds as though ‘Mum’ will be a regular part-time employee. (Well you did train up T-W-O to a high standard!) Just think of all the dogs having nice liver treats when their owners returned home. I was very pleased with the ricotta and spring onion tarts I made from your recipe so will be looking forward to the quiche recipe.
    Pity that the weather was so perishing cold for you all.
    Best wishes, Wendy (Wales)

  2. Hi Wendy
    Mum did well and I think she enjoyed it. She will need thermals to do it again though.

    Glad you liked the tarts, I am making quiches for the family do this weekend and maybe some pork pies.

    At least we were dry even if we couldn’t feel our feet

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