a good evening


The market has been good to us. We were delighted to sell out of everything but 1 veggie pasty and the cheese tarts. People coming to Llandovery this evening were looking for some dinner so pasties sold hot to eat now or cold to warm up later.

We are still amazed by the amount of people who visit us! We were gratified to get some referrals tonight from early pasty eaters. maybe the poor old pasty has for too long suffered from being the poor relation and given a bit of care can be a good dinner dish. Maybe it’d just a more convenient way to eat a pie.

Beside us this evening were a small group of local producers. Our neighbour who very kindly shared a light with us sold hot soup, preserves and photo covered items (note books, cards.). We also had the craft team selling hand knits, the cakes stall and more crafts.

We lined one side of the market while Santa took control of the other side. Children queued to make their Christmas wish and the pretty lights were turned on for the town.

More cooking tomorrow……..will we make Saturday


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