Pastry making


T-W-O had a small accident making the pastry this evening and managed to bleed over the 2 lots he had made so it had to go in the bin. He sounded very sorry for himself on the phone and decided to quit while he still had all his digits in tact.

I did ask ‘does it need a stitch’ but he assured me plasters were just about stemming the flow. I came home to make the pastry quite late assisted by my kitchen maid (he’s gone to bed and won’t be editing so I can get away with this!).

The pastry making is getting quicker and it needs to as Friday we have to prepare for the 2 Saturday markets. 2 markets seemed a good idea at the time! Lets hope we get a reasonable turn out at tomorrows event as the light switch on mid week has not been over publicised.

I must warn my Mum to bring many layers for her stint on Saturday, they have forcast more cold


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