a night in the kitchen

what is this bird? Maybe a coal tit?

what is this bird? Maybe a coal tit?


I lied, another bird shot but with a purpose. I have been trying to photograph this tiny little bird for months now and have not managed one decent shot, this is the best I can do. Can someone tell me what he is?

How lucky I am, another night tied to the kitchen stove. I did manage a bit of light dusting earlier. Oh the high life we live here.

Just finished making the meats up for Thursdays market. Tomorrow is the long trip up and down the M4 and T-W-O has been tasked with the pastry making. He has (bless his socks)been ironing in front of the football tonight.

All we need to do is put fresh covers on the bed (very soon) and we can flop into it!

Housekeeping notes. The eco wash balls have been relegated to the weekly towel wash we do as our clothes are getting smelly. We both noticed it last week, the balls have been in use for over a month and have not met expectations.


2 thoughts on “a night in the kitchen

  1. Hi

    I found your blog via the Cottage Smallholder and have been lurking since 🙂 I enjoy reading about your market stall exploits!

    Re the eco wash balls, they are a waste of money IMHO — they basically only work if the clothes you are washing are already clean! We use the minimum quantity of eco-friendly detergent (the amount suggested is alwayys excessive).

  2. Hi Veronica

    I am pleased you joined us. The wash balls are a lesson learnt. I think I am walking round smelling of cooked sausages at the moment. I will use less washing liquid.
    Thanks for the vote on the market stall.

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