What is simple living


Yesterdays visitor to the feeding post prior to filling it up with nuts.

I have been asking myself what is the simple life? I listened to Radio 2 on the long journey back up the M4 this evening, one report involved an author who had written about how to save money and talked about a general move in the population towards simpler living and gross consumer consumption. We too talk about our own desire for a simpler life.

There does seem to be a general move from us all to be a bit greener and lose the shackles of gross consumer spending. It feels as if we are all children who want it and want it now! Guess what – with all the credit that’s been flying about for some years we have had it! There’s just the small problem of paying for them be it houses, cars, clothes and toys.

So I want to try and describe what simpler living means to me and try to make it more of my everyday life:

  • Buying less of the things we don’t really need, of course that doesn’t include 9 pairs of socks as they are an investment (although they would have been 20% cheaper tomorrow!).
  • Getting things repaired and not replacing them – Our tumble dryer is about 10 years old so fingers crossed.
  • Appreciate the things we already have  – I think I’m quoting from a song.
  • Enjoying time doing the simpler things – why go away on that big expensive holiday when there’s so much in the UK to see and do.
  • Grow more food.

6 thoughts on “What is simple living

  1. What a good list. Now I need to make one. And nine pairs of socks are obviously essential for the simple life … you won’t have to go out shopping again when your feet get cold because you’ve turned down the heating. Or something

    The most difficult thing here will be finding people to repair stuff we can’t repair ourselves: there are no longer very many tradesmen in these parts, they can’t afford the housing. But you’re right, so I’m going to try


  2. I will keep an eye out for your list. The socks came from M & S last Sunday so it’s too late to take them back, I’ve never had so many socks! Today is just black with pink toes, yesterday was penguin socks. So easily pleased (sometimes.
    Repairers are hard to find but maybe we’ll see more of them with less cash to splash about.

  3. Beautiful post, and an awesome list. I agree with the fact that it is very difficult to find folks to repair things nowadays. I feel like most things are specifically manufactured to be thrown away when they break nowadays. Irritating. I do miss those old fixit shops that used to proliferate.

  4. Your list is obviously the product of careful thinking. The more you can do for yourself, the better off you are. And if you can buy used and be happy with it, then you’ve also helped yourself with less cost and the world by recycling. It’s a win-win. I am fortunate to live in a place where people do many things themselves, or have a neighbor that knows how. I hope the world in general returns to this way of life. How much better off we all would be.

    I’m enjoying my visit to your blog (I came through City Mouse’s blog)

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