Christmas puds in the pressure cooker

more Andorra in June 07

more Andorra in June 07

The pudding mixture has been standing for 24 hours and I am now experimenting with a 1 pound pudding in the pressure cooker. I am amazed that the times I have read on the Internet say 3 hours cooking under pressure, I would have expected much less. So I am risking one pudding this evening and will then decide how to cook the rest according to the results.

It has rained all evening following a very grey day. I understand it’s the same all over the UK, grey, dull and wet. Ah well it’s late November so I shouldn’t be too surprised.

The cooking period is going (slowly) and the pressure cooker keeps dropping below the required pressure. I wonder if they are suitable for use on halogen hobs? It’s been driving me mad!!

I have been speaking to youngest daughter this evening. She has been buying sparkly, high heels for Christmas going out. Now when was the last time I did that? Socks is more my thing these days (my new socks do go with my handbag; although I struggled to demonstrate this to T-W-O who wasn’t quite so impressed as I was).

I am off to bed shortly although. I’m struggling to sleep a full night at the moment. It seems too cold, too hot, too cold, I am determined not to get up though and lie there thinking – more thinking and more thinking. At 5.ooam I fall asleep and then at 7.00am I don’t want to get up, much less help with the animals.


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