The tree of happiness (things that make me smile)

los-amigos - art work in Andorra

Artwork in Andorra – taken during last years summer holiday.

Sam always puts photos up with little or no explanation so it leaves it down to me as her proofreader (just shows I an useful for somethings. The W.O.). During our break in Andorra (how did we decide to go there, but aren’t we glad we did?), we came across this site with a number of what we can only describe as modern art works of which this is the most amusing. As an aside we would recommend Andorra as a holiday destination without reservation, although we went is Summer and it was beautiful, so go and give it a go.

But now to matters of the present. I saw a new incoming link from called the tree of happiness. I went over to have a read and we were listed there……….

You have to list six things that make you happy and six blogs that make you happy. So here are six blogs making and baking in pretty Norfolk – check out her little home made dogs. They made me smile cooking and sewing, 2 of my loves. something different – camping wild, making baskets – I’d love to make baskets – photographs of Somerset in abundance. more from Wales. A clever young lady writing about things she loves.

6 happy things – I’ve cheated and tried to think of things that happened this week which made me smile.

  • Falling asleep in the rocking chair in front of the wood-burner, feet up on the footstool (I did this yesterday!)
  • Snuggling up to toasty T-W-O, I do this every evening.
  • Watching some of Children in Need last night on the tele (I didn’t get any of the soap things as I don’t watch them but the Strictly spot was good)
  • The bacon, sausage and egg sandwich I had for lunch – naughty but nice!
  • Having a coffee and a chat with our neighbour this afternoon. What a great way to pass a Saturday afternoon. He sculpts pieces of scrap wood into all manner of things, birds, bears, a rocking horse, he’s very clever.
  • Getting the Internet back this week, many thanks to the BT engineer who had to work all morning on our problem.

4 thoughts on “The tree of happiness (things that make me smile)

  1. Came here via your recipe for figs which sounds like a very good idea. Lovely photographs – especially the woodpecker, and will have a browse of the links…

  2. Hi Nexi
    Glad you like the photos. Enjoy the recipe and please, if you try any recipe let me know how it works out. Good or bad 🙂

    Hi Joanna
    The blogs are quite amazing! Happy reading.


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