No internet unless you leave the phone off the hook


The internet has gone unless we take the phone off the hook and then we get that horrible noise (try it for a couple of minutes and see). So it’s impossible. Our spam folder will be bulging and we may even have a few emails we want to read.

BT suggested it is a fault within the house and if so they will charge us a minimum of £120!! What really riles me about this is that it is always their initial reaction that it must be our fault and they always talk to us as if we are thick. We’ve tried replacing all the cables, tried a change of phone, a new ADSL filter and still it only works with the phone off the hook. When we make a phone call it’s all crackle and hiss. Friday is our BT man’s visit. I’m sure I could get an entire blog dedicated to BT. If you mention a problem everyone has either had a problem or knows someone who has had a problem. If that is slander (or the other type whose name escapes me but is the written version of slander) then I am not blaming anyone in particular of course, as there are (not) many other suppliers of home communications.

On a happier and less stressful note we had a friend, Steffan for dinner and then we were joined by another friend (Martin who’s better half is spending a few weeks with her family in Venezualas) for after dinner drinks. That sounds very civilised!


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