Cables everywhere

img_0016The day started out with some promise, the sun in the sky and that wintery nip in the air meant the washing could go out on the line. It seemed a bit blowy as the whirly gig circled and danced in the wind and when I walked away it was having a go at the vienese Waltz. Having faith in my pegs and cold hands I left it to the gods to decide if my washing would stay put.

 At lunch time I padded into the kitchen to get myself a sandwich and coffee when I heard the pitter patter of rain drops against the window. I ran out to fetch in the washing and was greeted with an amazing rainbow. Throwing the washing basket aside I ran back in to get the camera. I was just too late to get the best shots but I got something. The washing is a little soggy but when the heating makes it’s once a day rumble the sheets will dry I’m sure.

Then this afternoon our broadband decided to take a holiday. Now the man on the phone at BT was very very nice and did make sure I was aware that if an engineer should come see us we would, should it be our problem not theirs, be £116 worse off. This sort of money galvernised me into action. We have norrowed it down to the cable that connects the Sky box to the phone wire or our phone. Either way at least we now have the internet back up and running.


3 thoughts on “Cables everywhere

  1. A lovely shot even if you didn’t think it was the best moment.

    And thanks for stopping by at my place and confirming your main photo is a cob house. I’d been wondering and was just about to come over and ask you 🙂

  2. Hi City mouse
    I was so sad to have missed the best though, but thank you.

    Hi VP

    Thanks the camera is a real help, believe me.
    Yes, a cob house and it fronts our business image as well.


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