A chilli evening

The landscape at dusk

The landscape at dusk

After a long day away at the office and a bad nights sleep I am ready for bed (again) mentally tired of the driving and the concentration at work but physically unable to settle. This mixture of feeling drained in one way but not another brings me to think that we as humans require a certain amount of physical activity in a day to be truly ready for bed.

T-W-O has been experimenting with his German sausage mixture. The results were tasty, with the savoury herb used in the mix, but the addition of chilli flakes was just too much.

The German sausages we have eaten in the past are certainly warm in taste and I think we have now decided that crushed mustard seed would probably have been used rather than crushed chilli. A relatively small dose of chilli gives a big punch as the flavour developed through the sausage mixture. Another interesting contrast to the British sausage is the use of pork shoulder rather then the traditional belly pork.

Onward with the sausage mix…………….


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