Another market over


We are ready for a rest now, another market over. The pumpkin and Cheddar pasties sold out first much to our amazement (should I say that?). We put out samples, T-W-O had a bite and declared them ‘tasty’. As a definite carnivor and having turned his nose up at them yesterday I was very pleased. The samples worked and we even got a none veggie to buy one. People were surprised that the combination worked so well and veggies were pleased that someone had made an effort for them rather than the usual cheese tart. (I will post the recipe tomorrow, sorry too tired now).

We sold out of the dried liver dogs treats, I was quite surprised that many people hadn’t heard of the dried liver but we only came across it via the breeder of our dogs who uses it for training the puppies. When we tried to buy some we were told it was too expensive to stock and that made sense from the prices we had found. After some research and a few trial runs T-W-O has been making the liver for quite some time.

The pasties went well although the market was quieter, other stall holder commented on having a bad day and we were worried about having to take more than a few pasties home until about 15 minutes before the end, where we encountered a last minute rush and ended up selling all we had.

The Christmas puddings all went, the purchasers told us they were buying them as pressies. I hope the recipients enjoy their gifts.

I think I deserve a glass of the red stuff, a sausage sandwich and strictly come dancing on the tele……….I do try not to watch tele but strictly is a must for me! I’m trying not to think of the chores that need doing tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Another market over

  1. That all looks lovely, and so glad you sold out, all that hard work repaid.

    Your cooker is definitely not an Aga, but I wonder what it is?

    And – how do you make the dried liver? I don’t think the bottom will fall out of your market if you reveal this trade secret 😉

    Really enjoying your blog btw


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