Pasty making again


Tonight has been a pasty making night as we go to Brecon farmers market tomorrow. There is a new comer to the pasty collection, a proper pasty for none meat eaters, Butter nut squash with Cheddar and a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds on the pastry. I asked a veggie friend Theresa for her opinion, she was optimistic (I don’t like butter nut squash so difficult for me to have an opinion).

We debut our dried liver dog treats as well.

It’s Wales vrs some other team (who dress in black I think) tomorrow afternoon at rugby so we may not be too busy.

We are increasing the markets this month taking a stall at the Christmas light switch on Llandovery and a Christmas market in Llandeilo as well as an extra Brecon Christmas market. My mum has offered to help out on a double booked weekend so we should have some fun.

T-W-O is considering opening a German sausage stall, selling hot sausages with bread and mustard. I think it’s a great idea for a cold winters day or evening out. We are going to experiment with a spice and herb mix in the pork mince this Sunday so by Monday supper time we should know if we need to keep looking or  if hopefully the mix is a success. We are using a herb called ‘savoury’ which we ordered from a fellow Brecon stall holder. Savoury is new to me and not something I’ve seen in the shops here. I hope she will have some more information about it.

Anyway to bed for now as I’ve a very early start


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