Off to a fireworks evening

img_00631Tonight we will be going to a friends house with other friends to have a fireworks evening. They have the best venue as they don’t have dogs, although they do have a poly tunnel we will have to be careful of. I am very jealous of their poly tunnel  – I think that’s a mortal sin ‘coveting your neighbours possessions’! Or is it their wife, who is very nice but not quite a poly tunnel.  Anyway I shall sneak a look inside and see what veggies are growing compared to what’s going on in my veggie plot.

We have been considering a poly tunnel for some time and if we ever get our extension approved then built, and if there’s any money left over we’ll buy one. That’s a lot of ifs but they are so expensive and we cannot have everything we want. Or so someone said, I think it was my Mother many years ago to me and probably I said it to our children. I’m sure it must be one of those parental phrases that we all promise to never use then do. Along with;

  • The wind will change and your face will stay life that.
  • Farther Christmas won’t come if you’re naughty
  • Children should be seen and not heard

and many more.


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