Rissoles – More gammon left overs

Who you looking at!

Who you looking at!

Last night we used the last of the gammon joint. It was beginning to feel like the post Christmas turkey syndrome, looking for ways to use up the left overs. The gammon joint might have been pricey to start with but we did;

  • roast gammon Wednesday
  • Chicken and ham pie Thursday
  • Leek and potato soup with gammon chunks Friday lunch
  • gammon rissoles for Friday evening

You won’t believe it though, T-W-O went to the butchers this morning to stock up on dog mince and guess what he brought home for us? Gammon! This will be making it’s way to the freezer for a week or two.

The rissoles were very successful though and didn’t make me think ‘oh gammon again’. This recipe is based on Delia Smith’s Ham Rissoles.

I used

250 grams cooked gammon

1 onion

1 garlic clove

a chunky piece of bread broken up

a beaten egg


1 teaspoon mustard either Dijon or English

Flour for shaping

fat for shallow frying. I use a knob of butter with a couple of table spoons of olive oil. This means it’s only half unhealthy, you get the taste of the butter and the butter doesn’t burn in the oil.

Everything except the egg and flour went in the food processor and I whizzed until it resembled sausage meat.

Tip this into a mixing bowl and stir in the beaten egg. Flour a board and your hands, then take out small handfulls and shape into rolls. I found it easiest to do this by rolling them on the board and then pressing the ends into shape.

Put them in the fridge for an hour to firm up and shallow fry on a medium heat. They can break up easily so either fry in batches and keep the cooked ones warm in the oven or use a big frying pan. You need room to get a fish slice under them, turn them onto another fish slice or big spoon. Swap hands and gently lay the rissole back down on the uncooked side.

They work well with tinned toms and mashed spuds. I am going to try making them with lamb next time we have some left overs.


6 thoughts on “Rissoles – More gammon left overs

  1. The views in your last two posts have been super. Love this picture, it takes me back to my childhood when my Father had a dairy herd. They were the black & white friesians though.
    We are very fond of rissole type things so will add this recipe to the collection.
    Best wishes,
    Wendy (Wales)

  2. Hi Wendy
    You grew up on a dairy farm, sounds very interesting.
    Thanks about the pictures, the black almost looks unreal.
    I was holding two dog leads at the top of the lane when I took the photo and thought nothing would be in focus as Vickie and Bertie didn’t see any reason for stopping and kept tugging the leads. The cows came over to see what the fuss was about.
    I like rissoles too. Good way to use left overs.

  3. Hi Sam & Wilf,
    Just a quick extra – we had such a laugh about V & B, the times we keep saying ‘keep still’ in frustration with Dougal when we are trying to take the shot of a lifetime!
    Yes – all the cows (about 32) were my pets and I used to come home from school and do Dad’s paperwork in ledgers re: the milk yields etc.
    Cheerio for now, Wendy (Wales)

  4. Hi Rebecca
    Thanks for photo comment.

    Can we grow the melon-pear? (not April 1st is it?) If we can where do the seeds come from?

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