Hot chocolate recipe and black mountain with a white top

As we drove to our friends house to let out their dog this afternoon I caught site of the first snow of the season to reach us.

I couldn’t wait to walk Vickie and Bertie this evening so I could get a better look across the valley. The beautiful Autumnal colours of the trees with the sun dropping fast behind me is a beautiful scene but combine this with the magic of a dusting of snow and my words alone could not bring the true picture into your mind.

The day has not been uneventful, the chimney in the dining room has started to drop treacle coloured water down the wall and onto the hearth in a nasty black puddle. T-W-O produced the fire resistant expanding foam from his magic tool box and tried to cover the join between flue pipe and chimney liner, but the fire, wall and ourselves ended up covered in the pink foam which stuck with some determination to everywhere other than where it should. It dropped from the chimney in big candy pink balls which we scooped up before it could set. As a consequence we decided that expanding foam was not the world’s greatest invention and consigned the can to the bin. Now we will have to paint the wall behind the chimney again as well as still needing to fix our ongoing problem.

The cold snap is certainly making me put on at least another layer of clothes and this afternoon I ventured out with gloves, scarf, fleece, jumper, long sleeved top and a vest! It also makes me think of comfort food and those naughty foods we assosiate with the season. Last night just before I retired to the warmth of my bed but after T-W-O had given up and left me to the last of my tv program I ventured into the kitchen and made myself a real hot chocolate drink. I have purchased those scrummy lumps of chocolate on a stick but in a bid to economise my treat I purchased an own brand bog standard bar of milk chocy.

You need

A cold evening and a warm fire to look at

A mug of milk (I used semi skimmed but any sort does)

About quarter of a 150 gram bar of chocolate. I used a Co-op milk chocolate bar but dark chocolate is really good for this. I also think I may experiment with an orange flavoured version later on.

For adults only a tot of rum or brandy

Heat the milk in the microwave. It took me 3 minutes on high power to get mine hot. Do not boil the milk but it must be on the verge of being too hot to drink. I dipped a clean finger tip into the mug to gauge the heat.

Drop the chocolate gently in and stir until all the chocolate has dissolved.

Adults only – add the tot of spirits and stir, then enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Hot chocolate recipe and black mountain with a white top

  1. What a fab photo, I have copied it as wallpaper for my laptop.

    We even had snow on Tuesday night in Milton Keynes, but it has all gone and was nothing like the splendour of the Brecons.

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