I wish I’d thought of that!

Newton House, Llandeilo (nat trust)

Newton House, Llandeilo (Nat Trust)

It’s a long drive back from my day at the office, about 3 and a half hours and it gives you a chance to think things through. I listened to the radio for a while,a cd and then I had a think.

On Radio 2 they did a report today on a company that offers a virtual shop window for companies looking for people to do specific jobs. The company or person with a distinct piece of work set this out on their web site and then people bid for the work, so small businesses don’t have to employ full time people and there are no big agency fees. It’s a bit like ebay and people get rated on the work they do, and they can work as much or little as they want.

I thought ‘what a good idea!’ Then I started to think of other good ideas I’d heard or seen recently and here are a few;

  • Zoppa – individuals loan to individuals, no big bank fees and good returns on deposits, no financial advice here it just sounds a good idea to cut out the middle man.
  • A good deed a day promoted by Dave Gorman. He has a web site that promotes us all doing a good, selfless deed a day.
  • Gourmet fresh pasta made with a non wheat based flour sold fresh by weight at farmers markets.

and a few things I’d like to see

  • Local cottage hospitals and some doctors surgeries combined to offer basic A & E care (i.e. stitches & x-rays etc), out of hours support for sick people, day patient procedures and drop in clinics (family planning, dentists that sort of thing). They may exist but not here.
  • A living wage for those who have exceeded the official retirment age.
  • Children taught times tables, how to look after their finances and their personal lives, classes about how government, the law courts and democracy works.
  • All schools able to offer pre school care with breakfast and after school care. Services that working parents could pay for to help support the school and make the most of the facilities already there.

I’ll just put the soap box at the back of the cupboard for now but there must be loads of ideas out there that deserve a look in. and millions of ‘I wish I’d thought of that’ moments in everyones lives.


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