Christmas puds are ready to sell and Almond tart recipe

Here is a photo of the first properly wrapped Christmas pudding complete with a gift tag card. I am so excited about them that I just had to put up a photo and show it off (just a bit).

All weekend we have been discussing how the puddings should be wrapped, what in, what bows and if they should stay in a basin or not.

The conclusion is that the best way to reheat them is in the microwave so no bowl. All the packing comes off and I’m putting a label inside with instructions and ingredients.

They were all made with vegetable suet so I’m pretty sure they are good for none meat eaters but not vegans as they have eggs in.

I did promise to post the almond tart recipe today but a few more words first about the farmers market. My poor Mum joined us dressed up in every coat she had, she has always felt the cold, when I was young she used to watch the TV from the comfort of a cushion with her back proped up against the radiator. I imagine now that if she ever got underfloor heating I would find her lying on the floor watching the tele of an evening.

Every person who came near the tarts was told that I produced them with home made jam and she did a stirling job, fetching bags as people purchased, chatting with the shoppers and disappearing to get us a much appreciated coffee. We all spent Sunday recovering!

Almond tarts

You need a batch of short pastry

A level teaspoon of your favourite jam per tart (I have used home made blackcurrant jam or bramble jelly so far but raspberry is the traditional choice)


50 grams semolina

50 grams ground almonds

125 grams caster sugar

an egg, beaten

quarter teaspoon almond essence

75 grams melted margerine or butter (if marge be careful it’s suitable for baking)


a few almond flakes for the top if you have them

Oven to 170 degrees C. and put in a baking sheet to heat.

Grease 6 x 10 cm tart tins. Or use a larger square tin of about 20 x 30 cm  if you prefer to make slices. My tins are very good non-stick and so I don’t grease them.

Roll out the pastry to pie thickness, a few milimeters thick at least and cut out your tarts or use it all to line your tin. I have a small dish I use to cut round that came back from the red sea area and is a perfect size. Cutters of this size are hard to come by so you need to be inventive if your cupboards fail  to hold suitable impliments. You need to cut a cardboard circle of 11 or 12 cm in diameter to use as a template if nothing else suitable exists.

Place your teaspoon of jam in each base or spread out over the larger tin.

Mix all the filling ingredients together in a bowl then and spoon into the pastry cases, spread out a little but try and make sure the jam is covered, but don’t fuss too much as the jam will start to mix with the filling. If using the flaked almonds sprinkle a few on the top (you can use a glace cherry if you like them and it goes with your jam).

Get the hot baking sheet out and put the tins on top then place back in the oven and cook for about 30 minutes or until the tops have little bubble holes and have risen.

Take out the tarts and let them cool for a few minutes before turning out onto a wire rack, I use a clean teatowell and tip them out individually into my towel covered hand. They will sink back down but that is supposed to happen.


4 thoughts on “Christmas puds are ready to sell and Almond tart recipe

  1. The pudding looks great and I am sure will be a great success at your next market.
    The tarts did not need any extra comments from me as they were luscious and sold themselves. I think what Sam and Wilf are doing is fantastic. They take huge amounts of time researching and practising until everything is just perfect, which is partly the key to their success plus the huge amount of enthusiasm and very hard work.
    I had a great weekend, it’s such a lovely place where they live and drove home today through wonderful autumnal countryside full of gold and coppery hues, through sunshine, rain and hailstones to Milton Keynes.
    Just finished eating one of your pasties, really yummy
    LOL Mum xxx

  2. Well, no need to ask if ‘Mum’ had a lovely weekend!

    So pleased it all went well again and am looking forward to making a batch of your almond tarts.

    (Also have another batch of Glanbrydan dog biscuits to make for himself.)

    Wendy (Wales)

  3. Hi Wendy
    If you ask me Mums a bit bias.
    Let me know how you get on with the tarts and I hope Dougal enjoys the dog treats.

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