spot the pumpkin

Another good market today, we did well although many round us had a poor day.

The cold did start to get to us after a few hours, the market at Llandovery in under an old market covering but the sides are open. Originally I understand it was built this way on purpose to keep the food fresh allowing the wind to circulate through the stalls.

We took the cut out pumpkin to decorate the table and it is now being recyled on our windowsill with a candle alight inside.

We did try some sweet stuff on the stand today, almond tarts and tarte au citrone, as well as giving Christmas pudding samples. They seem to go down well.


2 thoughts on “spot the pumpkin

  1. Looks like the display baskets are satisfyingly empty! Both sets of tarts sound very nice – maybe you will share the recipes with us (but I will understand if you want to keep it them to yourselves). Hope your Mother is enjoying her stay with you, perhaps she went to the Market too.
    Wendy (Wales)

  2. Hi Wendy
    I am sorry, yes my Mum did withstand the cold for 4 hours snd fetched us coffee. I will publish the tarts recipe tomorrow. I think food is for sharing, including the recipies.

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