stop press ecozone wash balls

Just to say my results were a little stiff from the first wash with the balls. Tonight we are adding fabric softener. More to follow………….


4 thoughts on “stop press ecozone wash balls

  1. I’ve never had much luck with this sort of thing – the ones I bought weren’t exactly the same, but after trying quite hard, I’ve gone back to detergent … I’ll be interested to see if you get better results (our water’s very hard, presumably yours is quite soft – I wonder if that comes into it?)


  2. Hi Joanna
    The towels came out a little less fluffy. I tumble dry the towels, they are the only things I do tumble these days unless we cannot get the washing dry because of the damp and they seem ok. Maybe I need the dryer balls now!
    We do have soft water, I’ve checked the box and it does say you can add a water softener if you live in a hard water area. Not sure what the effect of fabric conditioner we use will have on the balls though.
    Also we were wondering how you know they are used up. Presumably they get smaller and disappear. It doesn’t really explain that bit.

  3. Thanks for coming over to my blog! I’ve tried those balls too and I like the idea of them but they seem to need the fabric conditioner which spoils the point of them? So I have gone back to detergent as well although am using Ecover. Let me know how you get on. We like all the organic/greeny stuff…

  4. Hi Hadriana
    Thanks for the comment. I’ve now gone out and purchased the dryer balls to help my towels stay softer!! All getting a bit expensive.

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