Saying hi

I have spent the day at a team building event, so having spent five hours in the car and offered seven hours of attention to our hosts I am ready to sit back in front of the fire and relax. My brain is frazzled after the day but for some reason I recalled an event that happened in my presence maybe 4 or 5 years ago and again has stayed in my memory.  Forgive me for some poetic licence but the punch line is absolutely accurate.

I was having lunch in a pub with a few colleagues of mine from the office. The place was just out of town and considered one of the nicer sort of pubs in which to eat lunch, it was crowded with the hustle and bustle of workers escaping for an hours chit chat.

The table to my right was swarmed over by a group of ladies who seemed to be of the variety that might lunch regularly together and seemed to know each other well. Sometime into our lunch we heard a voice above the others from the ladies and when we looked we saw she was very blonde which goes a long way to explaining what followed (I too am a blonde with the help of a bottle).

‘Oh, I’ve got a text, it’s from the bloke I met at the club the other night.’ Excitedly the young woman blipped buttons on her mobile phone reading aloud to to her party (and half the pub by now). ‘ Hi, had a really nice night out, will I see you on Thursday at the club?’

She then went on to describe the mans physique and her desire to make his acquaintance a little more, then a pause’………… He told me his name was Brian but he’s put (and she spelt it out) c……….i……….a……….o.’

Her friends laughed  and one of them let her into the secret ‘That’s ciao.’ (pronounced chow for the rest of us)


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