Cleaning mad – eco wash balls.

ecozone wash balls or flying saucers?

ecozone wash balls or flying saucers?


Do you ever get that feeling the house is getting on top of you?




Sometimes I just get a strange feeling that the house is dirty, it nags at me until I do something drastic about it.

The poor little cottage has had an attack of the damp and so I’ve been going round with my bleach spray and rubber gloves killing off the unwanted spores. I think it makes me cough and wheeze but I’m sure it’s all in the mind. This coupled with going away last week and then having the grandchildren at the weekend has left me with some cleaning up to do.

As I write I look around me at the living room and I’m pleased with the results. I’ve tidied, sorted out the rubbish, had a good Hoover (I moved every bit of furniture I physically could), a polish with a bit of elbow grease and now it’s clean in one room. All I need to do now is clean the carpet but that’s for another warmer day.

How I wish I could wiggle my nose like the witch ‘Samantha’ and it would all be done. When I was small I used to practise wiggling my nose like Samantha in the hope of producing some mystical and wonderful miracles. Samantha was such an unusual name then that I was sure of some mystic link but if there was I never saw the results! I guess that proves to the Wilf one that whatever I may be I am not a witch although he does have some doubts.

Some friends popped in for a coffee this morning, but as the furniture was all over the place, we had our coffee sat on chairs at very odd angles. It might have appeared very odd for a passer by if they had peeped in the window. Martin and Aura brought along the last string of their chilies, a little pressie for me to replace my own string that went mouldy due to the damp. How pretty they look on the kitchen wall (above the radiator to make sure they don’t go mouldy this time ).

I’ve had a go at the dining room as well and this now has a semblance of peace and order to it. I must have some illness as I’ve even cleared off a big shelf in our bedroom and cleaned a big window which runs along the back wall above the shelf which can only be reached by standing on tiptoe on a chair. The only problems are;

  • I’ve displaced things I didn’t want to move and now these things have no home (some are sat on the kitchen work surfaces getting in the way)
  • I’ve created an enormous pile of ironing as I’ve washed everything.

The pile of washing has afforded me the opportunity to try my new ecozone wash-balls. Unable to wait any longer for my existing washing liquids, powders and softeners to finish I put a coloured wash in to see if they work.

 The outlay is quite enormous, £35 for a box. The savings, the box tells me, are two fold: you only wash for 30 minutes and the cost of the wash balls per wash should be about 3p and you don’t add nice smelling fabric softeners for the rinse.

The wash smells OK and the clothes have come out of the machine OK. I think we are going to have to try it longer term to get a better idea of how well it works. Maybe 999 times more, as it says it does 1000 washes per box.

The damp also means the heating must be on at least once a day. It must have been terribly damp here when they used to rely on just the fires in the cottage. I guess we expect so much more today.


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