A new read for me – kitchen garden

When we go away I try to save up a couple of magazines to take with me. I have one indulgent magazine and one practical magazine a month. I am not one to read TV or fashion related journals so I have Country Living and The Smallholder.


Having been in receipt of these two publications for several years now I feel the winds of change coming and as the Smallholder annual subscription has now finished I will give it a rest for a little while. I am also going to cancel Country Living as I feel it’s become more centred on those living in the cities who desire an escape to the country. The items beautifully photographed and priced are often way beyond our means but I very much like the rural businesses they feature each month.


This holiday I discovered that I had left the magazines at home, we always forget something, and thought it a good opportunity to browse the shelves and pick up something new. There seemed to be a myriad of magazines on offer, I wandered up and down the aisle so confused was I that I decided only to look at the gardening magazines. I flicked through a few, the Wilf one was by now becoming restless understandably not wanting to spend huge amounts of his holiday in a supermarket, I made a decision! I went for the one with the free packets of seeds (Kitchen Garden), I can parallel this behaviour to our Granddaughters comic buying, and they always go for the one with the best gift. Some marketing does work!


The first evening of our holiday we settled down on the sofa for an hours rest prior to our special treat, dinner in the restaurant. Feeling tired but not sleepy I unwrapped the magazine, soon I could hear those gentle deep breaths coming from the Wilf one which signalled he was sleeping. I read the magazine greedily taking in the articles, there was an informative article about planting garlic, a look at a community allotments, advice on what to plant now, a quince feature, an article on mushroom foraging (the photo is of part of our compost heap) and so much more. I have to say I enjoyed my new discovery and it may be replacing my existing magazine purchases. Over the few days away I read every article, cover to cover. The web site gives you a good sample of the magazine but I felt the web page layout let it down slightly. http://www.kitchengarden.co.uk



4 thoughts on “A new read for me – kitchen garden

  1. So pleased that you are back from your break safe and sound. Enjoyed reading about your outings.

    Is that really a pic of your compost heap. The fungi are so amazing – it is a lovely photo. I also loved the pic of the Robin in an earlier post.

    Best wishes, Wendy (Wales)

  2. Hi Wendy
    I took the photo yesterday after I’d been emptying the old tomato pots into the compost bin I noticed the Fungi growing. Sadly I wouldn’t like to eat any I find in the garden as I’m no expert on them.
    The Robin was at the nat trust place in Devon.
    We treated ourselves to a good camera some time ago and it really helps with the snap shots.
    Back to normal after the holiday now.
    Thanks for comments

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