Last full day in Devon

Our last full day today and we had a slow start with yummy boiled eggs, (a box of eggs travelled with us from our girls in Wales) for breakfast with toast and our own bramble jam. Having driven through the local town of Holsworthy on our way to places over the last couple of days we thought it deserved a closer inspection. It struck us as a place where people lived and suffered less from heaps of tourists. The small market town sported a wonderful coffee shop called ‘filtered through’ and had we not had a breakfast we would have had a slice of one of the mouth watering looking hand made cakes with our coffee and hot choc.

Moving on we drove to Clovelly, a privately owned village which reminded us of Portmeirion in many ways. The village had been there since 1400 (and something) as a small fishing harbour but between about 1860 and 1920 many very pretty cottages were added. There are no cars in the steep cobbled streets so the sound of the tourists chatting and  working men hammering became magnified in our ears.

We forced down a late lunch (too much food in the day already!) in the tea room garden half way up the hill where we sat overlooking   the sun speckled sea following which we worked our way back up through the town visiting the museum and the craft centre.

A wonderfully pretty place, of which I only have one gripe and one caution., the gripe is the £5.50 per adult entrance fee. It did include the parking and museum entry but still seemed a little steep, like the streets and village, and the most expensive entry fee of this holiday. The caution is that the streets are very steep cobbles so if it’s wet I would imagine it could be almost lethal if care is not taken.


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