A day in Cornwall

Moving South today from our base we decided to cross the county line and visit Cornwall on a fact finding mission. Pasties, what would a real Cornish pasty taste like? Boscastle seemed a good place to visit, settled in between the cliffs, a familiar name made more notable on national television when the floods swept through the village in 2004. The weather seemed to be trying to make the flood feeling real as Boscastle was blanketed by misty driving rain coming off the sea making visibility very difficult.

We walked the pretty harbour in the wind swept rain and decided not to go too high along the cliffs in the inclement weather due to the slippery state of the paths and rocks. Returning to shops in the village to shelter from the storm we caught a little shopping  fever in the National Trust shop investing in two cook books, one a specialist Christmas cookbook and the other being a National Trust cook book. We ventured along to a café and sampled a steak pasty and a cheese and onion pasty, both very traditional in a marketing sense but both lacking we felt in an enjoyable eating experience with the Wilf one feeling that the steak pasty had only very briefly seen the beef!

After our lunch we went four miles further along the coast to Tintagel. As we come from the land where Merlin was supposed to be born and buried it seemed reasonable to visit the other half of the legend, King Arthur’s castle. The ruins stand out magnificently against the sky line, high above the sea on a menacing cliff face. We then went down to the little cove nestling under the cliff and watched the sea breaking on the rocks.

The walk back up to the car is not for the faint hearted and left us both quite breathless, a monument to our state of fitness, something we work diligently to ensure we don’t achieve!.

A wonderful day out, Cornwall delivered reasonable pasties and a great day out. I think we may stay in Devon tomorrow.


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