getting ready to go away

We are getting ready for a few days in Devon. The PC is coming and the camera so we hope to give at least an update of some sort, even if it’s just photos.

Today has been a rush of tidying, cleaning and sorting. I sometimes wonder if going away is good for us. I often think that my colleagues at work come back more depressed than when they went away. Lets hope that doesn’t happen to us!

I have been emptying the vegetable pots today, it just proves it’s the end of summer. Then I put the compost on the garden in a bid to make a dent in the enormous amounts of clay out there.

The dogs have gone off to the kennels, Steve and Dianne look after them so well, they enjoy going and enjoy coming home. The chickens & duck have been fed and watered so have the cats. We are lucky enough to have someone who comes in and sorts out the cats and birds for us when we go away.

We were supposed to go today but the Wilf one has to go to the hospital tomorrow morning at 9.30 so at least we won’t be away too late.

Here we come Devon……..


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