Storing fresh herbs and a few updates

We have a couple of pots of herbs growing on the kitchen windowsill. The plants were bought from supermarkets who tend to pack them into the pots, great for immediate use but not so good for keeping longer term. I generally transplant them out into bigger garden pots but there seems little point at this time of year. I noticed yesterday the pots of parsley and chives which are kept outside, round the side of the house are starting to die back as the Autumn sets in.

Usually I just revert to the store cupboard and use shop bought dried herbs when I’m cooking, this year I am going to have a go at keeping my own. I am relaibly informed that most herbs freeze well so I am going to freeze parsley, chives and thyme but also have a go at drying some thyme.

I chopped up the parsely into the size I would cook with and filled half an ice cube tray, it packed down much more than I thought it would, then I did the same with the chives and about half of the thyme. Taking advice from several internet sites including St Delia (Smith) I half filled the trays with water and popped them into the freezer. The idea is to top up the freezer trays later, this allows those floating leaves to be submursed fully to keep them fresher.

The rest of the Thyme was divided into three bunches and tied up with string. I now have a bunch hanging in the dining room, living room and kitchen,  each one hung over a source of heat.


The fir cones I had been keeping around the house have now all been burnt as kindling. They burned wonderfully and do make great kindling, I now can collect fir cones to my hearts content.

My August planted turnips have lovely white bulbs about 2 inches across. I pulled a few yesterday and we had them mixed in with our homemade potato wedges and burgers for dinner. They were very sweet and quite delicious.

My strung up chilly peppers which I was drying have turned mouldy and are destined for the bin. This makes me very sad after the love lavished on growing them, I have a few chillies left and I’m thinking of trying to dry one above the woodburning stove and put the rest in olive oil.


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