A & E visit for Wilf – how to remove blood stains from clothes

The offending object

The offending object

It is amazing how your day can have unexpected twists. I was all set for a nice glass of the red wet stuff and some supper yesterday when the Wilf one went off to cut up some kindling. I was walking the dogs in the light rain that was starting to fall, our neighbour was out for his evening walk and we were passing the time of day when the Wilf waved at me and called.



Somehow over the years of marriage you get to know your partners body language and his said ‘I’ve hurt myself’. I called out to him ‘ambulance or A & E?’ Thankfully the response was ‘A & E’.

I was amazed at what he had done. Whilst cutting the kindling using the circular saw the blade had been loose so he had been using the allen key to tighten it, sadly he hadn’t switched it off at the wall and somehow had switched the saw to the on position. The allen key had somehow rotated into and then embedded itself into the palm of his hand.

We made the 18 mile trip to A & E where over the course of the evening they managed to remove the offending object. Wilf is now feeling rather saw and his right hand is bandaged like a bears paw, with just the tippy, tip of his middle finger poking out of the bandage. The moral of this is always turn the power off at the wall before you tighten, loosen or change anything.

As an amazing co-incidence I had been looking for more eco cleaning tips on the Internetand came across the recommendation to use a bit of milk to remove blood stains, of which there were a few on Wilfs clothes, it seems to work, but I wouldn’t recommend it for anything you cannot then wash in the machine. I am now going to confer with someone who know chemistry and see if he can tell me why.



5 thoughts on “A & E visit for Wilf – how to remove blood stains from clothes

  1. What a fright you both had – such a terrible thing to happen in an unguarded moment.
    His right hand too which will be a real handicap assuming he is not left-handed.
    Please give him my best wishes for a quick recovery with not too much pain.
    Wendy (Wales)

  2. Hi Wendy
    He is right handed and thanks for the best wishes.
    He’s taking the pain killers which are making him sleep, so it’s quite quiet just now.

  3. Very attractive and enjoyable blog, guys. Thanks.

    Poor Wilf’s incident rings empathic bells with me because I slipped up one evening as I sliced potatoes for a gratin Dauphinoise using our mandolin. No serious damage but some blood obviously.

    As a kid, I used to faint at the sight of blood and I remembered the warning signs approach, so I lay down on the kitchen floor.

    Where Fiona found me!

    She almost managed to stifle her giggles (only almost) before gallantly carting me off to West Suffolk A&E. The efficient medical staff dispensed the required sympathy, bandaged my finger in comforting gauze and sent me home happy.

    Wilf’s wound was definitely more serious than mine but us blokes must stick together in the face of female . . . let’s say underestimation of the effects of such trauma on the male psyche 🙂

  4. Hi Danny
    Sounds nasty a mandolin disaster. I was thinking of getting one to help slice the onions for our pasties – maybe I’ll hold fire.
    Thanks for your comments. It was Fi who put me onto wordpress.


  5. Danny
    I picked up on your reply and it really made me laugh especially Fi’s initial response to seeing you laying on the floor, as Sam is totally different and when it happened immediately assumed I had done something life threatening. So there was no giggles from her just calls of “Get in the car” and “don’t worry about blood getting everywhere”. As it didn’t bleed very much I didn’t see any problem in getting some towelling to wrap around my hand but ultimately I did get blood over my trousers anyway.
    Once again thanks for the smiles and the proof that people do show their love for each other in different ways.
    The Wilf one

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