farmers market Llandovery

Yesterday at Llandovery farmers market we sold out of pasties and tarts by lunch time. In fact we had only a few left for about the last 45 minutes, we need to produce more for each event if this is anything to go by. Also the market organiser was extremely supportive with extra advertising on our behalf and has allowed us to take sweet pastries to the next market on the last Saturday in October so this will also add to our hectic prelude to the market. Again we are so pleased with the results and we hope people enjoyed them The feedback we received, either directly or indirectly, was unaminously positive which also pleased us. There were a few other stall holders around the market munching on our pasties for elevenses.

This time we didn’t have so far to travel, Llandovery is about a 20 minute drive for us but we still needed to get up at the same time and pack all our pasties away in the cool boxes, load up with ice blocks and make sure we had everything else we needed. This time we also took the heated pie cabinet and a microwave so we could sell the pasties heated, which to a limited degree proved to be a success. We think that as it gets colder so the requirement for hot pasties will become greater. One of the stranger rules of selling hot food is that it has to be microwaved before before placing in the heated pie cabinet to ensure it is hot all the way through to a degree that would make it mouth scorching.

The sunny day helped bring people out into the old market town square and everyone enjoyed a late summers day.

Sorry we didn’t post yesterday, I was so tired when we got home I just flaked out.


2 thoughts on “farmers market Llandovery

  1. Hi Sam & Wilf – so pleased that you had a successful day. I predicted that you would soon be old hands!
    My Ricotta Tarts were really nice, thank you for sharing the recipe.
    Wendy (Wales)

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