Flowers, grow your own

Being given flowers is always nice but being given flowers that the givers have grown themselves is really special. These sunflowers were a gift from our daughter and son in law. They were the first ones to open their garden and now I want to grow sunflowers.

I have a list of flowers that I have seen in other peoples gardens this year and I would like to grow next year.

My idea is to look and see what I like and then go out armed with a list of flower seeds I want to purchase rather than spending hours wandering round the garden centre and then coming out with a random mix.

Sunflowers are on my list, these small headed sunflowers make very pretty cutting flowers. I would also like cosmos flowers, I have seen them in countless gardens this year. They look pretty and seem to have long lasting flowers.

Californian poppies were a star in our neighbours garden on a barren patch of earth that was just a patch of stones on the side of the road, their orange petals looked sunny even in this summer.

Michealmas daisies are another delight I have seen in patio pots this summer and last but not least lupins. These are one of my favourites and I don’t have a single lupin in the garden.


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