Abergaveny food festival

Yesterday we visited Abergaveny Food Festival, we were wondering if we could take the food business there next year and went to see how busy it was.

It was incredible how many people there were and the variety of food. Speaking to a lady who runs a handbag shop (we just happened to wander in there to get away from the crowds) she said it is the biggest event in the town every year.

The food festival is spread across the town, which is itself a lovely place to visit. They do charge a £5.50 entry fee for the main food events but even if you just visited the town the food stalls are in the high street as well.

The market town was transformed into a giant market with Chinese food, beef burgers, pies, pasties, wine, cheese, cheese, cheese, meals prepared by well known local hotel chefs and food demonstrations.

We ate a fresh cooked roast pork and all the trimmings roll each and took home a couple of pies for further research (and dinner). We stopped for a cup of coffee and a cold drink in one of the many local cafes as we worked our way around the stalls.

The photo is from the last night of the proms at Swansea. I love fireworks and it was the most fantastic evening that I would recommend to all as a super night out.


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