more seed saving

I left a couple of parsnips in the ground last winter after they didn’t really grow when they should. Having then left them this spring they started to grow and flower and I thought they could stay a bit longer. I watched the stems grow up to about five feet high (sorry don’t do height in metric), I watched them flower and didn’t think too much about them.

Yesterday we were putting the chickens away and I noticed the flowers were looking autumnal and ready to go in the compost bin, on closer inspection the Wilf one and I realised the big flower head was covered with parsnip seeds. I collected them and they are now sealed in an evelope ready for next year.

We also have some broad bean seeds drying on the kitchen windowsill, these are the ones I’m thinking of replanting next month.

The peppers were all looking wonderful and so I picked most of them the other day. Then I strung up the long hot peppers and I’ve hung them from an old hook on the kitchen ceiling. They are too hot for us so I hope that when I’ve dried them the heat should calm down and make them useable. They look pretty hung up in the kitchen and will still look good when they have dried.

I also harvested the sweet peppers and I’ve hung up one of these from a string on the kichen wall. They have been really good this year and the peppers are firm, sweet and juicy. I would be happy to grow them again next year.


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