Bertie to the eye vet & lunch at Monkland cheese dairy

Bertie (our petit basset griffon vendeen dog) had to go for a check up at the eye vets today, so it was a bleary eyed early start for us this morning. He started out the journey with little cries from the back of the estate car. He is not happy going to the vets and certain car journeys mean certain things to him. If the car goes in one direction with them both in he is happy because it’s a trip to the kennels, if it goes the other way with just him it’s a certain trip to the vets. He has been so poorly over the years that his relationship with the vets is one he would prefer not to have although today we did get a little breakthrough and he was really good with the vet (i.e. he didn’t try to eat him).

On the way back we needed a drink so we pulled into Monklands Cheese dairy off the A44 close to Leominster. It describes itself as a cheesemaking cafe farm shop, one of the owners, who makes the cheese served us today. I assume it was Karen Hindle but didn’t check.

Through the interior door is a good view of the cheese making machines and a line of cheese presses against the far wall. Karen was happily answering another couples questions about cheese production when we arrived. She strikes me as a lively sort of person.

We had two ploughmans and a good cup of coffee. They came with rustic bread, big chunks of cheese, a walnut grape and celery salad with slices of apple and some very nice chutney and quince jam. The cheese was too much to eat all at once and we snaffled our left overs away in a napkin to top the quiche we will have tomorrow night.

The shop sells local cider, cheeses from all over the place, fresh bread, jams, biscuits and chutneys plus other food and none food items too many to remember. The shop is quite small but the cafe carries on up some stairs and if you get a day like today outside amongst the lovely flowers they grow.

They also run 3 cheese shops  named, Mousetrap Cheese in Leominster, Hereford and Ludlow.

Thanks to Karen for a really nice lunch, one day when we are round that way we really must see the Mappa Munday which is at Hereford cathedral, too.


2 thoughts on “Bertie to the eye vet & lunch at Monkland cheese dairy

  1. What an interesting day out after the Vet visit (dogs are never grateful are they!) I love places like that where you can learn how things are made and the atmosphere is so enjoyable. We were at Llandudno yesterday, blue sky and sea – heaven!
    Wendy (Wales)

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